Boletín Museo del Oro

The Bulletin of the Gold Museum of the Banco de la República is published in Spanish. Since release No. 46 (January-April 2000) it is published on the Internet only, and reaches a worldwide audience.

Following are the English abstracts of the most recent issue, and the links to the articles in Spanish.


Boletín Museo del Oro 55

The Gold Museum's permanent exhibitions (which are undoubtedly its principal publication) have undergone a major transformation in recent years, as have its activities in the field of education and serving the public. It has redesigned its Internet presence several times, and has published catalogues and educational materials. It has changed its structure, and it recently renewed a major part of its staff, after many of those who were a vital part of the Museum for so many years retired. All these highly positive changes have resulted in a pause in publication of the Bulletin. This issue resumes the recording, disseminating and sharing of experiences and new proposals arising from that transformation by publishing a feature article on processes in the education sphere and two anthropological reports on multi-sensory approaches and new publics.

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Hacia el visitante interactivo: un período de transformación en los Servicios Educativos del Museo del Oro

Eduardo Londoño L.

In 1998, the Bogotá Gold Museum began to evaluate and rethink its education services. This rethinking process moved ahead, while in practice leaflets were produced, exchanges were arranged with education staff from other museums, school visits (nowadays pedagogical animations) were reorganised, didactic cases were renewed, and the interactive room (Exploratorium), the cultural programme and the production of two board games all went ahead. A whole chronicle of positions on the question of education within a museum.

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El museo multisensorial: cuando la oscuridad hace brillar al oro.
Un antropólogo ciego visita el Museo del Oro

Jorge Andrés Colmenares Molina

With the idea of gaining a first-person impression of how blind persons should be approached at the Bogotá Gold Museum, a blind anthropologist made five visits to the dazzling display of pre-Hispanic objects. Unlike what has happened at other museums, rather than propose special rooms or museums, or separate services, for the blind, he suggested offering all visitors — including those with eyesight problems— multi-sensory tours which involve all the senses and stress the meaning of the objects, their raison d'être in the cultures that produced them, which is the literary and humanistic interest we all look for when we visit a museum.

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Las comunidades vulnerables hallan en el Museo del Oro un medio de fortalecimiento

Haydée Rivero

The recently-renovated Bogotá Gold Museum sets out to offer programmes that all members of the public will find attractive. But is the Gold Museum viewed in the same way by all the different socio-cultural groups in the city? Workshops were held and other activities arranged in several of Bogotá's poorer districts, and these enabled people's conceptions of museums, gold, tradition, identity, living together in harmony and joint responsibility to be explored from the anthropology angle. The activities engaged in and the opinions received are described, and the possibilities are presented that have opened up for the museum in its work with the communities that are reinforced through cultural activities.

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