Bracelet Gold A.D. 150 - A.D. 900 Río Chiquito, Páez, Cauca 5,4 x 8 cm

Tierradentro: People and Gold in the Upper Magdalena Region

The Spaniards gave the name Tierra Adentro to the mountainous knots and deep canyons in north east Cauca province, where they felt they were closed in by the mountains. Communities of farmers and potters lived there from around 1000 B.C. onwards.

Funeral regalia consisting of sumptuous metal objects from the Middle Period (150 B.C. to 900 A.D.) has been found in well tombs with side chambers. In contrast to these splendid examples of regalia, other tombs have contained no more than a few pottery vessels. However, better known are the secondary burials in underground funeral chambers or hypogea, carved out of the high mountains in shapes which recall the homes of the living. Pottery urns were placed in these, containing the exhumed bones of one or more persons. Medium-sized anthropomorphous statues were also carved, with naturalistic features and expressions. The present-day Páez indians came to Tierradentro after the Conquest.


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