Museum visitors take spectacular photos!

To enjoy their photos and to share your memories of your visit to the Museum with others, go to our Flickr group: El Museo del Oro visto por sus visitantes (The Gold Museum as Seen by its Visitors).

Foto de Jwinfred en Flickr

Thank you for sharing these images!  Will we have yours too?

Foto de Neuglex en Flickr

Foto por Themikebot en FlickrFoto por Themikebot en FlickrFoto por Zug55 en FlickrFoto de Jwinfred en Flickr



Or just see what they say of the Gold Museum in TripAdvisor! It will be useful to plan your visit.

Unbelievable collection!


The videos shown at the Gold Museum are in Vimeo
 (and the one of the 4th floor, “Colombians as they are”, here)

The Gold Museum page in Flickr has many interesting pictures.

Do you know that Museo del Oro is part of the Google Art Project?  Zoom in our images to admire the works of pre-Columbian artists and foster your desire to come and see the real thing: 

Click to enter, then zoom! And zoom!