The cultural portal of the Banco de la República includes pages on the different topics of its cultural activity in Bogotá and in 28 cities in Colombia (multicolour bar on the upper part of the page).  In the portal, this Web site of the Gold Museum has been designed to meet the needs and interests of the different groups of users of the Museum.  With the menu on the left you can browse through the different chapters; as a dropdown menu, clicking on one chapter name will add to the menu the pages in that chapter.


Address, Rates and Opening Times. To learn about the different services offered by the Museum, to plan a visit, to discover the task of the Museum and its projection in the world.

Museo del Oro Exhibition in Bogotá. A tour of the content of the exhibits of the Museum in Bogotá, inaugurated in 2008.

Regional MuseumsThe other permanent exhibitions of the Museo del Oro collections in Colombia.

Pre-Hispanic Societies. The content of the exhibitions and other reading matter written by Museum's archaeologists about societies that worked metals in Colombia before contact was made with Europe.

Education. To plan a school visit to the Gold Museum, to learn about the pedagogic Animation service and the loan of educational materials, reading matter for teachers.

Virtual Communities. Links and news of events in Facebook, Flickr and other social networks related to the Gold Museum.

Boletín Museo del Oro. Articles on Colombian anthropology and archaeology matters, available free online, in Spanish.

About us. The mission, history and organization chart of the museum.

Write to us. Answer to the frequently asked questions, and the link to write your own question or comment. Good news: you are already here!


If your query is not answered on those pages or in this section, where we have brought together answers to the most frequent questions received in our mailbox, do not hesitate to write to us at: [email protected] 


About the Gold Museum Website

The concept of this Website

This website sets out to provide a lot of textual information that is not available elsewhere, and serves to whet the appetite for a visit to the real Museum, something that cannot be replicated using multimedia technology. We aim to serve a particular audience with each chapter: people who are preparing a visit to the Museum, those who want to have a quick look at the exhibitions or to view them again virtually, people wishing to go in depth into subjects connected with pre-Hispanic archaeology or to do homework on them, or schoolteachers, or readers of the Bulletin who are interested in anthropology, ethnography and archaeology. Thanks to the technology of the cultural portal, and thanks to you, this is a live publication, a network where it is possible to participate and feel even closer to this cultural centre. 

Sale of Publications and Objects

I want to buy books, catalogues and souvenirs of the Museum

The Museum has a first-class shop in Bogotá, which is well up to the standards of the best museums in the world, offering a collection of jewels, approved replicas of various objects in the collections of the Museum. We do not sell by mail or through the Internet. 

I want to subscribe to the Museum's Bulletin

The Boletín Museo del Oro (in Spanish, dealing with Colombian anthropology and archaeology matters) has been published free of charge on our website since March 2000. Anyone who surfs the web can access it. If you register your e-mail address on our mailing list, you will be notified when new issues are published.

Photography and Videos

In the Gold Museum in Bogotá and in the regional branches you can take touristic pictures and videos, for personal noncommercial use and for free, without using tripods, lights or flashes. As the flashes specifically deteriorate the archaeological objects, they are restricted. You may publish low resolution images and videos in web 2 sites as Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr.

If you wish to take images of the rooms and / or objects exhibited for another purpose, like professional photographs or videos, or commercial ones intended for sale, please contact [email protected] to explain your needs and the identification of the person or entity who would own the images.

If you are a journalist or a television team, [email protected] is the right way to contact us. Please feel free to write in English. 

About Copyright

Banco de la República (Colombia) holds the copyright for all texts, images, videos, animations, sounds, and the design of this Gold Museum website and in web 2 sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr. The conditions stated below should be met before any of these may be used by another person or entity.

I would like to place a link on my page to the Museum´s web site

Linking to pages, images and documents of the web site of the Gold Museum of the Banco de la República is free and welcome, providing it is for non-profit purposes.

I want to use texts and images for educational purposes

Texts and images taken from the Gold Museum website may be used for exclusively educational, non-commercial purposes, and in limited numbers of copies (photocopies for a classroom, for example).

I want to put an image on my website

You can use images taken from our site on your own website, provided that this is not done for commercial purposes (the sale of replicas, or the illegal sale or archaeological originals, for example) and that you mention the fact that the image belongs to the Gold Museum - Banco de la República, with a link to our site. Same applies to the images we hold on and the videos on

I want to copy some texts

You can use short quotations from texts on our website, provided that you mention the source: It is advisable to add the date, since pages could have been updated. The copying of whole or extensive articles or presentations is not authorised, except as stated under the "educational purposes" section. You cannot make a web site with our texts or images.  We suggest this type of quote: 

Gold Museum of the Banco de la República:  “Eldorado Raft”
Digital publication on the cultural portal of the Banco de la República. Looked up on May 18, 2012.

I want to use material from this site in some other way

Before a text, image, video or other item taken from these pages can be used in an electronic publication other than the web (CD-ROM, video, printed version, etc.), it is essential that authorisation is obtained in writing from the Museum. This can be done by contacting us on fax (571) 2847450 or by mail at [email protected]

Image Bank for Publishers



I need images taken in studio that meet editorial requirements

You can obtain publication-quality photographs and the respective rights of use by contacting our email, indicating the use to be given to the pictures.


About Archaeological Objects

I want to obtain replicas of archaeological objects

The Gold Museum Shop has a jewellery collection consisting of certified replicas of objects in the Gold Museum collections, and we can guarantee that these are faithful to the art and design that have made the work of pre-Hispanic metalsmiths so famous. Each one bears a countermark indicating that it is a replica of an original preserved at the Gold Museum.

I want to sell or donate archaeological objects to the Museum

Under the terms of Decree 833 dated 26 April 2002, "goods which constitute archaeological heritage may not be traded and may not be transferred under any title by the holder thereof. Anyone possessing the same may not export them or take them out of the country without prior permission from the competent authority" - which is the Colombian Anthropology and History Institute, a branch of the Ministry of Culture.

The Gold Museum will accordingly not buy any object of an archaeological nature. We have never given valuations of such items.

Could the object I have be false?

There are very many replicas, some of them good, some average and some very bad, and large numbers of people have unfortunately been deceived and swindled by them. Gold Museum personnel are not authorised to issue certificates or express opinions, either verbally or in writing. Our advice is to admire pre-Columbian art in public museums, not in your living room or wardrobe.

About Coins and Antiques

I have a gold coin

People frequently think of the Gold Museum when they want to sell, buy or donate an ancient coin, a gold coin or a commemorative medal. The Museum's collections nevertheless consist exclusively of objects dating from prior to the discovery of America by Europeans.

In the case of old banknotes and coins, we suggest you contact the Banco de la República's Numismatic Collection at the Casa de la Moneda (Mint), or Banco de la República directly if you wish to obtain any of the commemorative medals and coins it has produced.

What is the price of gold in Colombia?

People often think of the Gold Museum when they want to find out about the gold market - but we have nothing at all to do with this! Consult domestic precious metal buying and selling prices at the Banco de la República.

I have a multimedia, animation, 3D digitalization project

We are sorry, currently the Gold Museum is not interested in projects of this nature as our agenda and schedule of activities are already defined and they keep us busy.



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